Oy Khodyt Son Kolo Nikon is a traditional Ukrainian Lullaby, translated into to English as “The Dream Passes by the Window”. It is a well-known folk song with many popular versions. The lyrics were first published in 1837, in the almanac “Mermaid of the Dniester”.


Oy khodyt son kolo vikon,
A drimota kolo plota
Pytayetsya son drimoty
A de buden nochuvaty?

De khatonka teplesenka,
De dytyna malesenka
Tidy pidem nochuvaty
I dytynu kolysaty

Tam buden spochyvaty
I dytynku prysypl’aty
spaty, spaty. sokol’yatko
spaty, spaty, holubyatko

The dream passes by the window
And sleep by the fence
The dream asks the sleep
Where should we rest tonight?

Where the cottage is warm
Where the tot is tiny
There we will go
And rock the child to sleep

There we will sleep
And will sing to the child
Sleep sleep my little falcon
Sleep sleep my little dove